Why Choose Our Weight Loss Program?

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1. Our weight loss program is doctor supervised.

There are hundreds of fad diets and weight loss programs, but only one that can help you achieve your dream of losing weight for good. It takes a dream team.

Our medical weight loss program puts your goals within reach and offers you strong team support. Under the careful supervision of a licensed medical doctor, and [his/her] caring staff of counselors and nutritionists, you can finally that lost that extra weight. Like any other goal worth achieving, don’t go it alone!

Our doctor and medical staff will conduct a comprehensive medical exam, take your full medical history and discuss all of your concerns and overeating triggers. [He/She] will prescribe a short term regimen of phentermine, to help curb your appetite and give your metabolism the jumpstart it needs. THEN, Together, you and the dream team can craft a customized plan for you to get healthy and be free of those excess pounds for good.

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2. Our medical weight loss program is effective.

Being overweight is nothing to be ashamed of, but it is a cause for concern. If you want to be healthy and live life to its fullest, you can’t be burdened by excess weight. Our unique weight loss program combines the effectiveness of phentermine with a dream team of counselors, and pro-tips for staying on track.

This medical weight loss method combines proven medical approaches, a simple, sensible eating plan and tools to curb cravings and manage your appetite. This is a plan that makes sense.

With phentermine, our doctor will help reset your metabolism. Then we’ll follow up with informal counseling and a common sense approach to eating that limits you calories to 1200 a day, with one full day off to enjoy every week. This combination of medical, physical and emotional support is a sensible weight loss solution that will help you finally achieve your goal weight.

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3. Lose weight without struggling with hunger.

Stress, anxiety, loneliness, boredom, these are just some of the triggers that can cause us to overeat and become overweight. Dr. [NAME]’s medical weight loss program can help.

This medical weight loss program helps reset your metabolic clock using phentermine. As you quickly begin to lose weight, our doctor and his staff will also help you craft a customized eating plan that suits your lifestyle. Limit your calorie intake to 1200 calories per day, while still eating the foods you like. Then, you have permission to take one day off a week to eat as much as you like.

See our medical staff once a month for a medical check up, and receive coaching on how to address mental and emotional triggers from a caring staff. Achieve your weight loss goals under the supervision of this caring doctor with this sensible plan. It doesn’t get any simpler than this!

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4. Eat Real food without any meal plans.

Many weight loss programs put the responsibility on you, as you turn your life upside down to weigh portions, buy expensive, tasteless meals-by-mail, attend meetings on someone else’s schedule or work out like crazy, making you even more hungry.

Our medical weight loss program is radically different. Patients are free to eat real food, everything that they enjoy, while limiting caloric intake to 1200 calories a day. Then, one day a week they enjoy the experience of eating as much as they want.

With this sensible program, our doctor jumpstarts your weight loss with phentermine to help suppress your appetite and help your body adjust to taking in fewer calories.Then, we provide you with regular check ups and coaching sessions to help you learn how to manage bouts of hunger and cravings. It’s sensible, affordable and effective.

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5. We support our patients.

Like any effective weight loss program, you can’t rely on just one thing. Significant, healthy weight loss requires more.

Phentermine is a proven appetite suppressant, long accepted as a helpful way to jumpstart weight loss. People have experienced great results with phentermine, but it should only be used only on a short term basis.

Our patients get the support they need to make behavioral modifications as they learn how to manage stress and limit their caloric intake. We provide a caring community and environment where you can share your struggles, concerns and weight loss victories.

We combine weight loss medications with counseling, support and regular medical check ups. And, unlike other programs, [XX]’s practice promises a unique, sensible approach to eating. This program will not suck up time and energy, or your hard earned income, with no results. You’ll see the difference!

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6. Our weight loss program is affordable and easy to follow.

Have you tried programs where expensive, tasteless meals are delivered to your door, joined a fancy gym, bought piles of diet cookbooks, or consumed endless “shakes,” all without losing much weight? This medical weight loss program led by our medical staff is for you. It’s affordable, sensible and effective.

Eat whatever you like, but limit calories to 1200 per day, with a day off every week. Take phentermine to curb your appetite, until your body readjusts. Receive coaching on nutrition and be seen by our licensed medical doctor every month. If you get hit by a craving, rely on a sensotherapy formula created especially for you, based on your palate, and stay strong!

That’s it! The secret to our high success rate. Call for a consultation with Weight Loss Detroit today at (313) 251-0408 and finally achieve your weight loss goals.

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